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Under the current situation that the profits of pharmaceutical manufacturers are declining and the whole industry is sluggish, health food as a supplement for drug has the characteristic of low investment, short development time and high profit. It is the first choice for enterprises to gain profit. ERD can provide a platform to you which combines economic research, technological development, Project registration management, market planning and commissioned production.

Our service includes:

• Develop  formula by consulting experts and referring to literature;

• Develop a sound project development plan and SOP;

• Develop a health food formula basis and project process and participating units;

• Health food process design, sample trial production, sample pilot production;

• Supervise the inspection agency to complete the inspection of the sample;

• Develop corporate standards for products based on inspection results;

• Prepare preliminary instructions for product specifications and samples;

• Organize the declaration materials for health foods;

• Agency declaration;

*Application for import of health food registration should be a product that has been sold abroad for at least 1 year.

Health Food



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